Bells and Whistles

August 19, 2008 at 4:40 am Leave a comment

Out with the old and in with the new.

Our old printer bit the dust. One day it just decided that it would no longer make the beautiful photos that adorn my scrapbook pages and live in the many picture frames in my home. I feel like I should have some type of memorial service for the poor dear – she worked hard while we had her and was greatly appreciated. Ah, I loved our Epson Photo R200 but will admit that even though it did a great job making general prints and photos it was indeed time for a serious upgrade.

Over the weekend Eric and I headed off to Best Buy and bought ourselves a HP printer with all the bells and whistles – and actually ended up NOT blowing a huge wad of cash. 1) The printer we bought was the mid-level offering by HP. There were cheaper ones and there were more expensive ones – guess which the sales person was pushing everyone around us to buy? 2) The prices were reduced on all HP printers.

Anywho, the new printer has slots for memory cards on the front for printing directly from a memory card without using a computer, a built in scanner (which means I can also get rid of the dinosaur of a stand-alone scanner I have too which was on it’s last leg), and a 1.5″ LCD display to show what function you’re performing or what photos you’re printing. Oh, and it’s wireless so it’s all hooked in to our network. I’m proud to say I hooked the printer up and set up the networking all by myself too. *pats self on back* Since we’re wireless I guess that means I can print stuff from the living room! Hmm, not sure how often I’ll use that feature but it’s cool.

Old Printer

Old Printer

New printer

New printer

Memory Card Slots

Memory Card Slots - Tilt head to right (LOL)

LCD display

LCD display


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