Coffee Dreams

September 22, 2008 at 3:41 am Leave a comment

I have a confession. I used to be happy drinking store-brand coffee. Oh, I own a coffee grinder and occasionally I’d splurge and buy whole coffee beans and grind them to make awesome brews at home but for the most part I wasn’t drinking coffee for the taste – it was just a way to open up my tired eyes in the morning.

That was before I began my current job. When I want coffee at work I go down to our cafe and stop by the coffee bar and can choose from at least six different flavors of gourmet coffees. They’re always hot and yummy and ready for consumption. And if they’re not ready then it takes about 2 minutes to brew a pot. Mocha-Java, Snickerdoodle, Carmel-Cream, Sumatra, Kona, Fog Chaser …. mmmmmmmm … I salivate just thinking about their fantastic goodness filling my belly in the morning.

The worst part about drinking all this wonderful coffee at work is that it has rekindled my love of cafe lattes and other coffee/milk concoctions which I have tried so hard to stop drinking since leaving Purdue. They’re so fattening! All the whip and the froth and the richness …. yummo! Now I spend my weekends trying to figure out ways to create these goodies at home without investing in an espresso maker.

No matter how many recipes I find for knockoff espresso made in my drip coffee maker it’s just not the same and I simply cannot re-create frothed milk at home without special equipment.

I’ve done some research and think these two beauties from Bodum are the solution …

Milk Frother

Milk Frother

French Press

French Press


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