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This is a totally non-scrapbooking related post. I’ve been thinking about changing my hair. Usually when this mood strikes I head to the nearest chain salon and get something completely different done to my hair. I’m at a loss. I have no desire to be cranked out of a chain salon with a cookie-cutter hairstyle. I don’t want something drastically different either which is totally not my thing. Normally I let my hair grow out like I have over the past 6 or 7 months and then I chop it all off again. I’ve decided I like this length and maybe I’d like it a little longer.

But right now it’s boring. It’s just basically one length and I feel like there’s no body at all to it. It just sits there on top of my head looking flat and lifeless. I hate how my hair looks right now so to push me in the direction of finding a new style I paid for a membership to so I can “try on” new styles.

Here are of my makeovers. What do you think?


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Aiden Fall has come to Michigan

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