Moving to Memphis

July 21, 2009 at 8:23 pm Leave a comment

The long wait for hubs to find a new job is FINALLY over. He has accepted an offer from a world famous company (not to be named here) located in a suburb of Memphis, TN. Ironically, after being unemployed for months without any real prospects he was offered 2 jobs in one week. The first job hubs was offered (and later declined) would have had us moving to Pennsylvania. It would have been a great opportunity but the job hubs accepted allowed for a better balance between work and home life and the company seemed to be heading in a better direction.

We are both really anxious to get to Tennessee to start apartment hunting and exploring our new city. We’ve been to Memphis before and both really love Tennessee. If you’ve never been there, it’s a gorgeous state. It’s fortuitous that hubs was offered a job in an area of the country that we both love. We’re both looking forward to getting our lives getting back to normal. To say that our routines have been disrupted is an understatement, especially since we’ve been staying with family. This has been a very difficult time on both of us. Not that we aren’t eternally grateful to our families for opening their homes to us but it’s going to be fantastic to be back out on our own again.

Hubs begins work at his new job on August 3rd. We’re waiting on the relocation company to finish processing the paperwork on their end and then we’ll being heading down south. We’ll most likely be staying in an extended-stay hotel for a few weeks while we’re looking for a new apartment. Once we find a new place, movers will bring our things to us from Michigan and we can get settled in. Ah, I truly cannot wait. I’m actually so excited I’ve been losing sleep thinking of all the things I want/need to do for our move.

Stay tuned. More updates to follow. 🙂


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