Turkey, Turkey

November 25, 2009 at 2:48 am Leave a comment

My parents are coming down to stay with us over the holiday weekend. They’ll get here Thursday and leave Sunday. We’ll be having our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.

“Why Saturday,” you ask? Unfortunately they are having production issues where hubs works and to get things running smoothly again he’s been working a lot of hours, including Thanksgiving and the following day. Originally these were the only days he was supposed to be working so I figured we’d postpone our feast until Saturday so he could join us. On Monday he found out that he also has to work Saturday and Sunday. Well, this put the kibosh on my plans for Saturday but since I’d already bought our bird relatively late in the week now our turkey won’t have time to thaw by Thanksgiving. Bad scheduling is forcing us to eat on Saturday and unless I want to cook turkey for 8 hours because it’s still partially frozen it’s easier to just wait and eat Saturday.

Even though hubs has to work I’m thankful that he’s working 3rd shift (11PM – 7AM). That means that as long as I have dinner ready by noon he can eat with us without interfering with his sleep. And since my parents have never been to Memphis we’ll be out during the day site seeing and won’t be at home to wake up hubs.

I’ve never cooked a whole turkey. Sure there have been turkey breasts and the occasional chicken or Cornish hen but nothing this big. I bought a 14 1/2 pound bird which should be more than enough for 4 adults. I’m not worried about cooking since I’m pretty darn confident that I’m a good cook (if I do say so myself) and I’m well prepared. In fact, I already made our mashed potatoes and popped them in the freezer to be defrosted later and last week I pureed one of the two pie pumpkins I bought at Halloween (somehow I didn’t get around to carving them) and it too is waiting in the freezer. One 6″ pie pumpkin should make two pies. I don’t want to have too many things in the oven while I’m cooking the turkey so I’ll cook the pies Friday night. This will be my first time making a pumpkin pie from an actual pumpkin and not a can so we’ll see how it goes. We’re going to have  a lasagna on Thursday. Maybe I should go ahead and make that too? If you couldn’t tell I’m a big fan of making things ahead. If there’s a way to keep me out of the kitchen when we have company then I’m all for it.

Anywho, I’m looking forward to seeing my parents and to finally being the one cooking our holiday meal. Kind of makes me feel like a grown-up. *shudder*

Happy Thanksgiving!


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