There’s Always Tomorrow

January 6, 2010 at 1:42 pm Leave a comment

I didn’t get to meet with my adviser on Monday. When I’d called the Journalism department towards the middle of December I was told that he’d be out of the office but would be able to see me on the 4th but apparently this was not correct and he was really going to be out until the 11th.

Yikes! Classes begin on the 14th! I have to meet with him before I can register for classes and I have to register for classes before I can get my financial aid approved and I have to have my financial aid approved to pay my fees and buy books. Ugh!

I emailed my adviser and let him know my concerns about not having enough time to get things lined up and he has very graciously agreed to come to campus and meet with me tomorrow morning. After I meet with him I can self-register for classes and I hope I’ll have plenty of time to get financial aid taken care of too.

I feel like I’ve waited until the last minute to get this all taken care of but really if the person I’d spoken to had told me the right info about my adviser’s schedule when I’d called the first time then I could have had this taken care of much sooner. My adviser has had 14 days off – if he’s supposed to be back on the 11th then he would have left on the 28th. I called long before that so I could have met with him in December and saved myself a lot of stress. I’m pretty irked about it but I guess there’s no since working myself into a tizzy and dwelling on things I can’t change, huh?


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