Let The Good Times Roll

January 13, 2010 at 12:40 pm Leave a comment

Classes begin tomorrow and I am fairly nervous. I’m taking two classes and they’re both lectures: History of the US since 1877 and Survey of Mass Communication. It feels like ages since I’ve been in on a college campus and now that I know I’m going to be nearly 15 years older than most of my classmates I’m beginning to feel self-conscious.

I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is but being around young people makes me uncomfortable. They never bothered me when I was the same age but now that I’m older … I don’t know. Maybe it’s their attitude. So cocky. Geeze, was I like that? Was I a know-it-all? If so, I apologize for the years of contradictions and snarky remarks my family and friends had to suffer through at my expense. Or maybe it’s their sense of entitlement? “Like, I know I didn’t do any of the assignments, didn’t pass any of the tests or quizzes, and that I really didn’t do anything but sit in this seat all semester but, man, my just coming to class should count for something towards my grade because my being here is important.” Um, no, not as much as you think …

I guess I’m just feeling like I’m going to stick out a little since I’m going to be older than most of the other students around me. (Oh, poor me! I’m not going to fit in! How will I make friends? I’ll never be popular if I don’t fit in!) I feel like I did the night before I started high school. Ugh!

The whole point of this post was to say that classes start tomorrow and that I’m nervous about my first day back after a long break and look where I ended up. Don’t you love when you’re adult mind reverts to old childhood insecurities?


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