Are You Cheap or Frugal? – ABC News

February 18, 2010 at 6:33 pm Leave a comment

I saw a video today on about being cheap vs. being frugal and how to tell whether or not you’re being one or the other. I know that with the economy being in the toilet most people are finding ways to tighten their belts but I wonder how many of us have gone from finding ways to save money in a healthy way to going way overboard?

I can personally think of more than one individual who has become a total cheapskate. Sometimes their behavior is so bad that I cringe at the thought of spending time with them because they make activities that should be fun and enjoyable  like going out to dinner, watching a movie, etc totally miserable for everyone around them because they are obsessed with saving money. I’m sure we’ve all known someone like that at some point in our lives. How is it that they manage to ruin a perfectly nice night out by tallying up who had soft drink and who drank just water?

Watch this video here and judge for yourself if you are cheap or frugal:

Are You Cheap or Frugal? – ABC News.


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