Would You Buy a GM Vehicle?

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Hubs and I recently went to the Memphis International Auto Show because 1) we both enjoy auto shows and looking at the new model offerings of all the car manufacturers, 2) we are probably going to be buying a new car sometime in the next 6-12 months so an auto show is the perfect way to see what all of the car makers have to offer and 3) there wasn’t much else going on that weekend.

If you’ve never been to an auto show or don’t know what I’m talking about, these events are usually really cool. All of the major (heck, even some of the smaller) car manufacturers get together, usually in a HUGE convention center, and showcase one each of their current vehicle models. So at any given auto show you’ll get to see all of GM’s cars, SUVs, and trucks plus all the same offerings from Ford, Dodge, Infiniti, Toyota, Honda, etc. At the larger auto shows manufacturers will also bring along concept cars and have cool floor shows and demonstrations.

I mention the Memphis International Auto Show because I sat in, touched, and looked at hundreds of cars and was able to compare them all to each other. Admittedly, I was disappointed with almost all of the American cars that I saw especially when compared to their Asian or European counterparts. In particular, GM’s models were either ugly, cheap looking, or just plain old boring. The ONLY car they offered that I found even remotely exciting was the Corvette  ZR1 and it was locked up tight so that nobody could get into it and have a look. For all I know its interior could have be made of cardboard but with a $106,000 price tag I doubt that was the case.

Maybe I’m still angry about the auto-industry bailout – don’t get me started – but getting to see and feel so many cars up close and personal turned me off even more towards American cars. Looking back, I’ll acknowledge that the cars I liked least at the entire show were those made by GM and Chrysler. I will even admit that I enjoyed Ford and Mercury’s line-up (Mercury is owned by Ford in case you didn’t already know) more than I liked the other two American car company’s offerings and typically I really hate Fords. The Mercury cars and SUVs that I sat in were nothing like the ones that I looked at by their company a few years ago. What changed? I think Ford must have realized that their company was in danger of folding because the cars they were making were boring and looked like crap so they decided to do something about it by redesigning their lines and making much needed improvements. Granted, I was impressed with how much better they were compared to where they’d been but don’t misunderstand this to mean that I’m going to run out tomorrow and buy a Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury. They aren’t that much better but they’re on the right track. I think GM and Chrysler are in the same boat as Ford but instead of taking initiative like Ford and looking within their own company for the answers to solve their problems they decided to run to the government to ask for money to keep them afloat so they can continue to make the same craptastic cars they’ve been making for years.

But I digress …

GM’s cars are boring to look at (no one has ever seen a Chevy Aveo and thought , “Man, what a kick-ass car!”) and the interiors look really cheap. The seat in the Chevy Impala I sat was so hard it felt like I was sitting on a stack of bricks and the dashboard and instrument panel didn’t appear to fit together properly at the seams – sort of like the guys at the plant were just half-assed paying attention when they put the pieces together. If this is Chevy’s “luxury” car then I say, “No thanks!” It wasn’t just the Impala with these problems but also the Camero, the Aveo, the Cobalt. Yuck.

The Chevy Aveo - Man, what a kick-ass car!

And today’s news that GM is going to discontinue Hummer makes me wonder how much longer this company is going to be around. For those of you keeping score at home, GM has closed Saturn, Pontiac, and now Hummer plus they sold off Saab to a Dutch company. GM used to be a brand that Americans were proud of and proud to own but now it’s wasting away to nothing. Which GM brand is next? Buick? Cadillac?

No, unless GM makes some significant changes I will not be buying one of their vehicles any time soon. Will you?


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