Keepin’ On Keepin’ On

April 30, 2010 at 1:22 pm Leave a comment

No, dear readers, I have not dropped off the face of the earth.

Do you remember that I went back to school? Well these last few weeks have been a little busy for me because they’ve been gearing up for the end of the semester which means that it’s time for final exams. I’m only taking two classes this semester so I only have to finals. I’ve already taken one and the other is this coming Tuesday. I’m feeling very unprepared for it but I think that stems from the fact that the professor takes himself way too seriously and feels it’s his duty to make his tests as difficult as possible. I know the material but worry about the format of the test – all essay – not my favorite. I have this weekend and Monday to study so hopefully that will help to build up my confidence.

I’m taking 3 classes next semester. That’s still considered part-time. One class is in my concentration – Journalism – and is a media writing class. The other two classes are an English Literature class and a French class. I’m not worried about the literature class but that’s mainly because I’m not sure whether it’s just a survey or whether there’s a lot of reading and paper writing involved. Maybe I should look into it more? LOL The French class is a fourth level class and I’m really nervous about jumping into it after not having had any French since 2003. Even though I took French all through high school and for 4 semesters at Purdue I barely remember any of it. I’m wondering if I’ll need a tutor. Wish me luck.

So you see, I’m still around. Just busy with classes. I have the Summer off from classes and plan to look for work to keep me busy. I’m applying for jobs but the job market is not looking too good around here right now. I’m trying to stay positive and I know that I’ll find something soon.


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