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June 28, 2010 at 4:32 am Leave a comment

I’ve been seriously neglecting things around here since starting my new job and to be honest I’m almost embarrassed to call myself a blogger since I haven’t been doing much of it lately. Let’s just say that while I’m thankful to have a job that’s keeping me busy and earning me a paycheck I am truly missing the free time that I had previously enjoyed. (Insert deep sigh here.) What’s that saying about having your cake and eating it too? I guess I can’t have it both ways, huh?

I’m going to work as many hours as I can in the next few months until classes start back up again in August. Then I’ll be taking 3 classes at school and working part-time – my free time will be much better arranged than it is now because right now I don’t have a set schedule. Once classes resume in the Fall things will get settled down and I’ll get back into a routine again. Life will be swell. (Insert deep sigh here.)

So … I’m not going to end this post with promises of more frequent updates. Let’s leave things with a pledge that any posts I make between now and the beginning of classes in the Fall will be more meaningful and thoughtful.


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